vehículos de movilidad personal

En ESGUIL desarrollamos y fabricamos VMP vehículos de movilidad personal y unipersonal eléctricos, sostenibles, portátiles y multifuncionales para uso particular y profesional

the new urban mobility green city

that makes us different?

The objective of ESGUIL is to provide sustainable mobility solutions to the problem of changing cities, through the development and transfer of a “know-how” worked, created and patented for this purpose, making the door-to-door concept a reality in the last mile. .
We believe that if we really want things to change, we cannot keep doing the same thing all the time. From ESGUIL and with our SMUBER, we did not develop another electric scooter, or another shopping cart … what we developed is the first patented SMUBER in the world, conceived for the city, betting on the improvement and quality of our environment, reducing the footprint of carbon thinking of a circular economy and the improvement of the environment.
We are the squirrel that changed the forest for a more sustainable city.  

what is SMUBER ?

SMUBER a new concept of multifunction urban vehicle. Is the world’s first patented smart urban scooter briefcase.

SMUBER is not an electric scooter, nor is it a cargo cart or a shopping basket. It is the first portable and multifunction electric personal vehicle, with a load capacity that does not require parking and that can circulate in peatonal areas

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Press releases and testimonials
Entama EDP
El Vehículo de Movilidad Personal no necesita de zona de aparcamiento y su diseño permite que sea usado en la última milla.
El patinete sostenible de la empresa Esguil gana el premio del semillero de Valnalón
El patinete eléctrico multifunción nace en un garaje asturiano
Un patinete con premio a la innovación...
SMUBER es un nuevo concepto de movilidad unipersonal
Portal Eco Circular - Sus múltiples aplicaciones hacen del SMUBER un vehículo versátil y robusto...
Conexión Asturias

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