Do you know of any personal transport, with a safe and intuitive driving, that does not require balance, that does not need parking, that can carry small packages and that also … can be portable?

The portable personal mobility vehicle to move with packages or suitcases, making the «door to door» concept a reality

What is?Why?


Excess vehicles, lack of parking and pollution

Single occupant travel in 5-seater vehicles

Crowds in public transport

Unsustainable logistics

City centers restricted to traffic



Currently there are already several mobility solutions that improve the quality of life of its citizens and visitors ... but do they seem to be enough?

Europe’s priority objective is to restrict access to the city center for certain vehicles,

slow down and lower carbon emissions.


In general, only one occupant per 5-seater vehicle circulates on the streets and many drivers are receptive to incorporating complementary mobility options.


Thousands of travelers use intercity transport daily, increasing their number every day.


Online orders for products have increased exponentially, with which growth


of delivery van traffic is a “door-to-door” challenge


ESGUIL patents the world's first "SMUBER". The first multi-function urban scooter. ESGUIL's objective is to provide sustainable mobility solutions to the problems of changing cities, through the development and transfer of a “know-how” worked, created and patented for this purpose, making the door-to-door concept in last Mille.     Read more

From ESGUIL and with our SMUBER, we are committed to the improvement and quality of our environment, reducing the carbon footprint by thinking of a circular economy.

We did not develop another electric scooter, nor a shopping cart … what we developed is the world’s first patented SMUBER, conceived for the city.

We cover all the possibilities of personal mobility in a portable, exclusive and versatile trolley, minimum space with maximum capacity.

Portable, Stable / Secure, Multifunction and Sustainable

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