Shaping the future

There are currently several mobility solutions in cities that improve the quality of life of their citizens and visitors… but are they enough?

one occupant for each 5-seater vehicle


few complementary mobility options

Thousands of travelers use intercity transport daily

 closure of city centers to road traffic and pedestrian streets



Clean eco-designed vehicles for a circular economy


Our designs are unique and disruptive


Models adapted to every need. Configurable, portable, for personal or work use

our proposals... are the SMUBER; different models, different mobility options, different needs
VPM vehiculo de movilidad personal multifuncion puerta a puerta

Portable and light vehicles adapted for use on the highway or on sidewalks and lanes designated for pedestrians. For different needs of movements with load or without load. No need for balance and really stable.We make the door-to-door concept a reality

Tell us what your mobility need is and we will give you the solution

Tired of wasting time looking for parking? Tired of wasting your time, your money and polluting your city? Angry because you can't find a nearby charging point when your electric scooter's battery runs out? Is it comfortable to go shopping with the scooter in your hands? Do you feel safe or unstable on a conventional scooter? We cover all the possibilities of personal mobility that citizens demand in their city, in a portable, exclusive and versatile car, minimum space with maximum capacity. Portable, agile, stable/safe, multifunctional and sustainable. If you are not sure which electric scooter to buy, or what is the name of the four-wheel multifunction electric scooter that best suits your needs, then this is SMUBER from Esguil. We offer a VMP (personal mobility vehicle), with 100% ecological characteristics and for the whole family. With this premise we developed an electric smuber and according to need, with the possibility of transporting loads such as parcels, luggage or daily purchases.Contact us and we will tell you how.Do not wait more!

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