«SMUBER» is the world’s first patented smart urban scooter briefcase.

SMUBER is not an electric scooter, nor is it a cargo cart or a shopping basket. It is the first portable and multifunction 4-wheel electric scooter vehicle, with a load capacity that does not require parking and that can circulate in peatonal areas.

there are several SMUBER models that adapt to your style

SMUBER is the ideal smart vehicle to move around the city and cover the last stretch or that «last mile». A new complement to visit, travel and move with your luggage.

100% electric and sustainable
VPM vehiculo de movilidad personal multifuncion puerta a puerta
Door to Door

We realise the true physical meaning of the «door-to-door» concept with a compact, portable vehicle for transporting the driver and his purchases.


Only an intelligent person can see all its possibilities – For respect, commercial reasons and professional ethics towards investors, manufacturers and distributors, we reserve the right to show or reveal important details and final images that may influence its commercialisation. If you want to know more contact us

smart innovation mobility

With the multiple possibilities it offers, it is versatile and multifunctional. Differentiate yourself, set a style or trend and tell others what and who you are, don’t just be one more… we believe in change and we are disruptive.
«Many times people don’t know what they want until you show them» Steve Jobs

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these are some examples of the range available

cargo scooter convertible into a briefcase or briefcase convertible into a scooter

facilitates movement with or without cargo and improves urban distribution to carriers or individuals on streets open and closed to traffic

elegance design and freshness

connected and smart


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