Sciurus vulgaris alpinus, that is the scientific name of the squirrel that lives in Asturias, but in these lands we simply call it ESGUIL.
It is small in size with strong legs that show its true agility, dexterity and speed. His daily task is to collect large quantities of food that he must then transport nimbly to his home in the forest.
They appear to be animals with very altruistic social behaviors. They are not always grouped together, but when it is the case, they support and help each other in everything. If a threat appears in the immediate vicinity, there is one that sounds the alarm. Surprisingly, this same individual is the last to go. A very brave act

One morning our brave squirrel, ESGUIL, came down, like every day, from his tree house to explore his surroundings and take his morning walk. Without noticing the time elapsed and the distance traveled, he found a landscape very different from the usual … gray colors, buildings, streets and roads with numerous vehicles obstructing circulation, frantic rhythms on sidewalks full of people loaded with shopping bags and luggage, annoying noises, and also an unbreathable air … THE CITY

Something inside him twisted, something made him take a step back and think whether to move on or back and let things take their natural course. In this specific case, that step back served to gain momentum and move forward, trusting in the firm intention that the things I saw could be improved and changed. It was precisely there, where our story begins….
ESGUIL patents the world’s first «SMUBER«. The first multi-function urban scooter.

Do you know of any one-person electric transport that is stable, drives without the need for balance, that incorporates a department for purchases, daily items, parcels or luggage as standard, that does not need parking, and also … is PORTABLE ?

The objective of ESGUIL is to provide sustainable mobility solutions to the problem of changing cities, through the development and transfer of a “know-how” worked, created and patented for this purpose, making the door-to-door concept a reality in the last mile. .
We believe that if we really want things to change, we cannot keep doing the same thing all the time. From ESGUIL and with our SMUBER, we did not develop another electric scooter, or another shopping cart … what we developed is the first patented SMUBER in the world, conceived for the city, betting on the improvement and quality of our environment, reducing the footprint of carbon thinking of a circular economy and the improvement of the environment.
We are the squirrel that changed the forest for a more sustainable city.

Conscious of the Environment with a policy of circular economy and easily separable components. for final recycling. Conscious of the environment, the future of sustainable mobility in cities increasingly involves the use of vehicles that do not pollute.

In ESGUIL and thanks to our smuber we give you the solution to all these problems in a single product, saving you costs and time in an intelligent and ecological way. In much of the planet, ecological mobility is promoted.
In fact, the circulation of fossil fuel vehicles in the center of big cities is being restricted and all public services are electric. Europe is possibly the world actor that has put the most awareness and actions on the table for the conservation of the environment and Spain, within Europe, must play an important role.
Tired of wasting time looking for parking? Tired of wasting your time, your money and polluting your city? Annoyed because you can’t find a nearby charging point when your electric scooter’s battery runs out? Is it comfortable to go shopping with the scooter in your hands? Do you feel safe or unstable on a conventional scooter?
We cover all the possibilities of personal mobility that citizens demand in their city, in a portable, exclusive and versatile car, minimum space with maximum capacity. Portable, agile, stable / secure, multifunctional and sustainable.
If you are not sure which electric scooter to buy, or what is the name of the four-wheel multifunction electric scooter that best suits your needs, then this is SMUBER from Esguil. We offer a VMP (personal mobility vehicle), with 100% ecological characteristics and for the whole family. With this premise we develop an electric smuber and according to need, with the possibility of transporting loads such as parcels, luggage or daily purchases.
Contact us and we will tell you how.